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Look at pictures from JMJK. On this page you will find close ups and overview pictures from JMJK.


The Layout Jaerfaella Model railroad Club


Our layout is basically a round the wall design with return loiisplayed by permission 201t


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About JMJK

The Jaerfaella Model Railroad Club, JMJK for short, has a layout in a suburb north west of Stockholm, Sweden. The club was founded in 1974 and since 1980 we are working on a North American style layout. Throughout the years we have been presented in various model train magazines, for example in 2010 we could be seen in the Model Railroader magazine.


The club layout does not represent a specific location and we have tried to build scenes that can be found during a trip around North America. Since we do not have a fixed location our members can operate any railroad company that is or has been active in North America during the last 70 years. Our buildings are not super modern so we can easily run trains from the 1950’s. Of course we then put out the matching street vehicles.

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